Vertical Band Resaw Hydraulic System

Vertical Band Resaw Hydraulic System
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Vertical Band Resaw Hydraulic System

Model: TF-900


General Features and Construction:
•    Moving workplaces easily, it doesn't need to build up a foundation.
•    The saw tension can be read from the tension indicator.
•    A principle of counterbalance weight controls the blade tension.
•    A handwheel is also provides for micrometrical adjustment.
•    Bakelite of saw guide ensures a high wear resistance.
•    The high speed steel upper wheel and the casting iron lower wheel both are dynamically balaneed that makes the machine run extremely smooth.
•    Bronze pieces are provided for wheel cleaning. 
Automatic Features and Construction: 
•    The feed speed is operated by a hydraulic system which makes the machine suitable for cutting various types of lumber.
•    Feed rollers' movements are actuated by an air and hydraulic combination system.
•    The feed rollers can be switched to an automatic or semi-automatic system. It can save more time when works are cutting different sizes of lumber.
•    The power elevation of the upper wheel makes users easy to replace the blade. A handwheel is also provided for micrometrical adjustment. 

Cutting capacity
550x 550 mm
Distance from fence to blade
230 mm
Distance from feed roller to blade
320 mm
Wheel diameter
Wheel width
Width of blade
Length of blade
5760 mm
Feed speed (Variable)
37 M/min
Wheel drive motor
Hydraulic pump motor
Net weight
Gross weight
Machine size
2550x 1510x 2250 mm

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