System sanding and dust collector

System sanding and dust collector
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Efficient: dust absorption and processing of more than 90 percent; 
saving: auto-sensing feature more power; green : wet curtain detachable wash long life, low noise and more environmentally friendly; 

Cabinet can be assembled demolition; 
safer: dust is attracted to wet curtain, wet curtain with water to wash in through the fan ventilation emissions. 
Flow rate: 14500-15500 m3 / h 
Power: 3kw 
Overall dimensions: length 3010 mm × width 810 mm × height 2560mm 
filter material: wet curtain (removable) 
XF series of automatic induction polish cleaner, length 3010 mm × width 810 mm × height 2560mm, used in furniture manufacture, stone grinding process, sanitary polished, 304 stainless steel body, flow 15500 m3 / h fan, imported from Germany Siemens automatic sensor, three flushable wet curtain, stable operation, low noise, energy less consumption, safe, reliable, durable and strong. 
Polished cleaner works: the dust is sucked centrifugal fan wet screens, wet curtain after flushing to pump the water filter, filtered water to pool recycling. 
Efficient: centrifugal fan is running, dust into the negative pressure air stream through the wet curtain three adsorption, filtration effect reaches more than 99 percent, and air recycling. 
Energy: Total power 2.95kw (1.1kw blower 2, 0.75 1 water pump station), and the use of auto-sensing system, the workers enter the work area, it automatically starts; leave the work area will automatically shut down, truly efficient energy saving effect . 
Security: dust is attracted to wet screens, wet curtain with water rinse, and then by the fan exhaust emissions, to reduce dust concentration, the dual effect of reducing the room temperature. 
Simple: the box can be assembled, disassembled; wet curtain detachable wash, long service life.



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