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Machine structure 
Stream-a-1 The monolithic base provides high stability and allows the machine to operate also over several work shifts whilst continuing to deliver high quality standards.
The sturdy 25 mm columns, fixed directly on the base, fully absorb all vibrations generated during machining. Stream-a-2
Stream-a-3 The Belt Presser, which is standard in the Stream A, allows the panel to run on the belt guaranteeing uniform pressure which is ideal even for more delicate coverings
The 2-motor Pre-milling Unit with automatic intervention guarantees a perfect base for glueing. Stream-a-4
Stream-a-5 The Pre-milling Autoset device for the automatic centring of the tool on the panel improves quality whilst reducing set-up times.
Gluing unit for the automatic application of edging in rolls or strips, from 0.4 to 22 mm. Developed as standard equipment for all technologies for maximum performance Stream-a-6


The glue pot is equipped with a pre-copying system to prevent direct contact between the roller and the panel, preserving the surface quality of the machined panel whilst allowing for a smooth and even application of glue, without wear to the glue pot.

Special new glue chuck for using EVA and PUR One single chuck that can work with both EVA and PUR in granules

High flexibility thanks to the automatic system that drains the glue from below

Automatic roller cleaning cycle on the basis of the panel length


Pre-melter for EVA glue

To meet all the priority machining needs:

- more glue available

- easy control of the glue level.

The edge trimming unit, on its THK double guide rail, guarantees optimal vibration absorption. Stream-a-10
Stream-a-11 Linear edge trimming unit with stepper movement. Solid wood machining up to 12 mm, speed up to 25 m/min
Bộ cắt cạnh khí nén với chuyển động tuyến tính. Gia công gỗ solid lên đến 22 mm. Tốc độ lên tới 25 m / phút. Stream-a-12
Stream-a-13 The Rough Trimmer reduces the excess edge on the top and bottom of the panel. It guarantees a perfect finish for solid wood, in one single movement.

The Fine trimmer, for fine trimming of the top and bottom edges. Complete with 2 high-frequency motors and vertical/horizontal copiers with rotating disc.

RF100 The ideal unit for standardised production that enables maximum machining quality

The multi-function Corner Rounding Unit forms a radius on both the front/ rear and top/bottom edges.

Equipped with two engines for standard machining operations.

Equipped with four engines to process even different materials such as rounded wood edges Stream-a-16

The Edge scraper eliminates the imperfections resulting from previous machining operations on the top and bottom of the edge.

Compact working with the management of 2 controlled-axis profiles for infinite settings.
The Grooving unit can be tilted from 0 to 90°. It produces grooves and milling on the underside on the edge of the panel. Stream-a-19
Stream-a-18 The sanding unit to sand wood edges can be tilted from 0 to 45°.
The Glue Scraper removes excess glue from the top and bottom of the panel. This is the only model on the market fixted with 4 pneumatic cylinders for a top quality finish. Stream-a-20
Stream-a-21 Buffing unit to clean and polish the edge and the panel
Hot air blower for reactivating the colour of the edges (opz.). Stream-a-22

New SMART TOUCH control

SINTRA HD software with modern, intuitive graphics for simplified edgebanding machine management Maximum usability thanks to the 21.5” Full HD screen, which guarantees optimal visibility.

Easy program management and usability.

Rapid transition from one machining operation to the next.

Modern, intuitive graphic interface.

Panel height
10-60 mm
Edgebanding thickness
0,4-22 mm
Speed up to
25 m/min
Stream A/5.0
6450 mm
Stream A/6.0
7450 mm
Stream A/6.5
7950 mm

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Automatic single-sided edgebanding machines

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