• Jade 300 AN is the range of automatic single-sided edgebanding machine for small and medium business, offering different versions according to customer needs. Flexibility, reliability and easy working change for different types of edges and panels are guaranteed by the NC device.

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Model: AKRON 1440-A


Technical characteristics:

Graphic 10” TFT display touch screen, 1024x600 pixels. High-resolution screen for defined and intuitive images and text.

Windows operating system.

Integrated 4GB hard disk for filing media files and the programs back up.

USB port for managing in a simple and efficient way multimedia files, programs and updates.

Ethernet port for connecting the machine to the net.

Sintra HD software, simple and intuitive touch interface for all operators’ quick learning. It supports the multi-language function.

Some of the included functions:

Automatic start-up of the motors as defined in the program.

Direct buttons for the choice of the first and second passage, for fast working changeover.

Managing of the numerical axis and automatic working changes.

Lists of programs with manual and/or automatic start.

Error diagnostic with codes and comments.

Production statistic data.

The software assisted maintenance.

The control is mounted to enable the easy adjustment of the working position.

Panel height
:10 60 mm
Height of edge-banding material
: 14 64 mm
Thickness of edge-banding material in rolls
: 0.4 3 mm
Thickness of edge-banding in strips
: 0.4 12 mm
Panel protrusion from track
: 25 mm
Min panel length
: 140 mm
Min panel width (with length 140 mm)
: 85 mm
Min panel width (with length 250 mm)
: 50 mm
Track feed speed
: 12 m/min
Panels gap
: 650 mm
Dust extraction system for each operating unit
: 1 hood Ø 100 mm
Pneumatic connection
: 7 bar
Working voltage
: 400 V / 50 Hz threephase+neutral
Control voltage
: 24 V - CC
Static frequency inverter
: 200 Hz
Glue pot capacity
: 2 (approx) Kg
Glue pot heating time at ½ load
: 10 (approx) minutes


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