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Model: SELCO SK3



 - The machine base consists of an heavy duty frame structure and strong supports assuring its perfect stability. The saw carriage guideways assure perfect parallelism, rectilinearity and an optimal weight balance of the saw carriage.

 - The pressure beam has a single structure for an even pressure on the stack of panels to be cut. The opening is automatically adjusted by the numerical control in relation to the thickness of the stack to be cut, thus obtaining the best cutting quality under any working condition. (Not available on Sektor 350)

 - The top guide, positioned right beside the saw blade hub, guarantees the total absence of saw blade vibrations

 - Sektor 3 series Accurate alignment and perfect squaring The side aligner is integrated with the saw carriage. It can perfectly align even thin or flexible panels, reducing cycle cutting time.

 - The independent self-levelling grippers assure the firm clamping of the stack of panels and allow the total ejection of the stack of panel beyond the cutting line.

 - The pusher carriage for precise and fast panel positioning is driven by a brushless servo motor. .

 - The extremely linear movement of the saw carriage is obtained by an helical rack and pinion system and by a brushless motor.

 SELCO SK3 – 350 
 SELCO SK3 - 370
 Maximum blade protrusion  75 mm   90 mm 
 Main saw motor  7,5 Kw (10 HP)  11 Kw (15 HP)
 Scoring saw motor  2,2 Kw (3 HP)  2,2 Kw (3 HP)
 Saw carriage traverse movement  Brushless  Brushless
 Saw carriage speed  1-120 m/min  1-120 m/min
 Pusher carriage speed  60 m/min  60 m/min
 Pusher traverse movement  Brushless  Brushless
 Machine size
 5240 x 6600 x 3640  mm  
 5840 x 7200 x 4240 mm


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Beam saw machine

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